Frequently Asked Questions

Using Trident Lockdown

Businesses have been using antivirus for years, yet they keep getting breached. Large quantities of new malware are released each day, yet most antivirus solutions rely on an existing list of signatures to know what to trust. This means most attacks are caught only after damage has been done. To ensure your trusted list comprises only safe applications, the security team at the GBMS Tech will also check your software and applications prior to adding it to your personalized list of trusted applications.

Please refer to our compatibility list when reviewing endpoints to make sure your versions are supported.

We will require separate numbers for the following:

1. Windows Desktops/Laptops (with Windows or Linux operating systems)

Trident Lockdown runs on most PCs, laptops and servers running Microsoft Windows or Linux operating systems. Trident Lockdown does not currently work on Mac, please don’t include those systems in total workstation counts.

2. Servers
Trident Lockdown for a server is different to a workstation, therefore servers need to be identified separately.

3. Mobile Devices
Attacks on mobile devices are common therefor any mobile device that accesses your business e-mail or assets must be protected.

If additional devices are required for your business as it grows, you must purchase a license for each device. This is a requirement of your insurance policy from Volante Global.
The GBMS Tech team will be on hand to assist you if you have any questions.

Trident Lockdown seamlessly integrates with all other software and applications.

Trident Lockdown Endpoint Protection runs on most PCs, laptops and servers running Microsoft Windows or Linux operating systems. The following versions of these operating systems are supported.
Trident Lockdown end point protection is not compatible with Mac operating systems.

Windows Workstation:

Windows XP SP3, Windows 7 and above
NOTE: Both persistent and non-persistent VDI configurations are supported

Windows Server:

Windows Server 2008 R2 and above. NOTE: limitations for Microsoft RDS due to concurrent session limits.


• Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.4, 7.5, 7.6, 7.7 (Kernel versions 3.10)
• Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.1 (Kernel versions 4.18)
• CentOS Linux 7.4, 7.5, 7.6, 7.7 (Kernel versions 3.10)
• CentOS Linux 8.1 (Kernel version 4.18)
• AWS Linux 2 (Kernel version 4.14)

Trident Lockdown Mobile works on the following Android and Apple mobile devices.

• Android v5 onwards
• iOS v11 onwards

No. You can transfer a license from a retired machine to a new one, but the old machine will no longer be protected. A single license can only be active on one device at a time. To fully protect your business, you will need Trident Lockdown on each machine that is in use. An unprotected device is the gateway for successful virus, malware, or ransomware attack, and therefore Trident Lockdown is a requirement of your insurance policy from Volante Global.
Yes, if the new device meets the technical specifications required. To do this, your approved contact or policy holder can raise the request via the GBMS Service & Support Portal.
Once you are set up and in Full Protection Mode with your personalized list of trusted applications, Trident Lockdown will block all other programs or applications. This provides you with maximum protection. The process to add another program is simple and quick. The authorized contact must raise a ticket and the security team will review the program. You can request to have this added to your trusted list so others can download without contacting us again.
This is where an unauthorised party gets the login credentials and/or session token to one or more of your accounts. Attackers have become masters of creating nearly identical landing pages to trick people into providing these. One of the most common forms is a phishing email asking you to log into your account online to access an urgent document. The page will look nearly identical to a Microsoft login page. These types of attacks are costing business millions of dollars a year.
As part of onboarding for new customers we provide instructions on how to activate multi-factor authentication on all your business email accounts. Trident Lockdown will also stop malicious code from executing. If anyone downloads a malicious PDF and opens it, the PDF will be accessible but any embedded malicious code will not be able to execute because Trident Lockdown will block it.
The initial installation takes on average 5-10 minutes per endpoint or mobile device. Full instructions are provided during the onboarding process, including links to videos which will explain the step by step set up process for all endpoints and mobile devices. Once installed, Trident Lockdown will run in Learn Mode for one week on average to learn all the applications that are currently run in your business environment. During this period, you must ensure that all applications that are required to run in your business, even only occasionally, are run to ensure they are included in your personalized list of trusted applications A golden policy is a list of applications that are approved for your business environment prior to full lockdown. These applications will be verified by our security specialist’s prior being added to a final golden policy, at which point they will put your endpoint into Full Protection Mode.
Once the Trident Lockdown licenses have been purchased, they are non-refundable.
Trident Lockdown cannot be installed on shared cloud-based servers. You can install it on a dedicated cloud-based server providing it meets the technical specification of Trident Lockdown. However, if you access a malicious file in a cloud server from a Trident Lockdown protected computer, Trident Lockdown will prevent that malicious file from executing harmful code on your protected computer. If you need to discuss a Remote Desktop Protocol solution, contact us via the GBMS Service & Support Portal and we will let you know if Trident Lockdown can be deployed.
Applications being blocked by Trident Lockdown should be rare because business applications will be identified during Learn Mode. If Trident Lockdown blocks an application, then the authorised contact or designated policy owner will need to visit the GBMS Service and Support Portal to log a policy change request ticket. This will be reviewed by a GBMS Tech security specialist and, if it is an approved application, it will be added it to your golden policy.
Trident Lockdown mobile will not block an application on your device. Trident Lockdown operates differently for mobile devices by scanning and checking emails, web pages, and apps for evidence of unwanted activity. The work is done silently in the background, and in the event something wrong is flagged you will get a notification. When a notification is received the application will instruct the user on next steps, this will include the recommended removal of potentially harmful apps To receive maximum protection against attacks, and to ensure that the Cyber Lockout insurance policy provides maximum insurance coverage to your business, it is very important to keep Trident Lockdown active on mobile devices using recommended settings.
1. A link will be sent to download the app on the device you want to protect.

2. Activate the app with a key provided by email from GBMS Tech and follow the step-by-step instructions to configure in Full Protection Mode.

If your IT is managed by an internal IT department or external MSP they will manage the roll out process.
Yes, If the new device meets the technical specification required, you can raise a ticket through the GBMS Service and Request Portal.
There will not be a need to raise a support ticket to add new apps on to mobile devices.
Trident lockdown runs in the background and you will see minimal impact on your devices.
Trident Lockdown Mobile works on the following Android and Apple mobile devices.

• Android v5 onwards

• iOS v11 onwards
Trident Lockdown Mobile functions differently than the end point protection. It works like other applications and runs in the background. Trident lockdown monitors active links in e-mails to stop phishing and will check a downloaded app for malicious content. If you attempt to download an application that is a known threat, you will receive a notification on your device to contact your IT team.
Any questions you have that are not covered in the above please contact the GBMS Tech team on